In order to create a safer and better-coordinated transportation system, the Ocala Marion TPO and regional stakeholders have developed the Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) Master Plan. The plan serves as a guide for implementing Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) in Marion County. ITS technology works to provide more effective traffic management and improve safety. ITS works by controlling traffic signals based on the detection of crashes and current traffic flow patterns. Additionally, ITS is responsible for alerting drivers of detour routes after roadway collisions.

The ATMS Master Plan was guided by input from a coalition of stakeholders. The stakeholders’ input resulted in the creation of three goals and objectives, which are:


  1. Facilitate the efficient multi-modal movement of goods and people
  2. Improve the safety and security of all network users
  3. Provide predictable transportation experience


  1. Reduce system-wide delays for cars, trucks and transit
  2. Reduce corridor delays for cars, trucks and transit
  3. Improve reliability and predictability of travel

2018 ATMS Master Plan 2018 ATMS Master Plan