Welcome to the Commitment to Zero web page. Commitment to Zero: An Action Plan for Safer Streets in Ocala Marion is a planning project being led by the TPO to improve transportation safety throughout Marion County for all residents and visitors. This includes drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists, school-aged children, seniors and people with disabilities.

The primary goal of Commitment to Zero is focused on eliminating serious injuries and fatalities on the roadways of Ocala/Marion County and is based on four foundational cornerstones:

  1. Education and Awareness
  2. Public and Partner Engagement
  3. Safety Analysis
  4. Action Planning

Commitment to Zero is a collaborative process involving citizens, elected officials, stakeholders, and partners from the private and public sectors. A major outcome of the Commitment to Zero Action Plan process will be an emphasis on the implementation of agreed-upon strategies, including shared responsibility to support building a stronger safety culture and transportation system in the Ocala/Marion community.