2045 LRTP

The Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) outlines the vision for transportation in Marion County for the next 25 years. The LRTP considers all modes of transportation, including roadways, transit, bicycles, pedestrians, freight and aviation. The goal of the LRTP is to consider how best to produce a safe, connected and efficient transportation system.

The document describes the current status of transportation in the region and documents its anticipated growth. Based on this data, the LRTP includes an analysis of future needs and potential solutions. The solutions incorporate a variety of considerations, such as funding availability, safety, and subsequent environmental, economic, and social impacts.

To ensure the recommendations are financially feasible, all projects included in the plan are linked to specific funding sources. Additionally, the LRTP is updated every five years to remain congruent with changes in population, travel demand and emerging technologies, and to meet state and federal regulations.

In May of 2019, the TPO began developing the 2045 LRTP. The 2045 LRTP must be completed and approved by the TPO Board no later than November 2020.


Visit the 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan website at: www.ocalamarion2045.com 


2040 LRTP

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